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Department of ECE,

                                                                                                LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION


 I  take great pleasure to recommend  Miss Student Name who is keen to pursue higher studies at your institution. I know her for the past two years as an undergraduate student, where I have offered courses in the fields like Subject Name. During the period of my association with her I was able to gauge her innate abilities to understand the basic concepts and apply them to tackle the problems associated with it.

 Her knowledge of the fundamentals, analytical ability and effortless assimilation of concepts accompanied by her assiduous efforts are commendable. Besides being diligent in her academics, she has shown impeccable command over a wide range of subjects.

She comes across as a sincere, diligent and self-reliant person with a pleasing demeanor. 

She is very attentive in classroom and actively participates in class discussions. She is quick in grasping things and is prompt in analyzing and drawing conclusions from what he heard and learnt in the classroom. She has an inherent desire to improve and work towards perfection, which is quite evident from his academic record


            I rate her among the top 2% of the students in her class. I feel that her diligence and pragmatic analysis represent her competency towards research. Hence I strongly recommend her to be considered as the potential candidate for admission to the graduate program in your esteemed university with full financial assistance.


 I wish her all the success in her pursuits of academic advancements and career.



  (Professor Name)