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FAQs :

1.What is SOP?
Ans: Statement of purpose (SOP) is a concise essay about one's career goals, identified means to achieve them and accomplishments so far towards those goals.

2.What is the use of resume?
Ans: Discloses your accomplishments & qualifications to the admission committee, also helps to express yourself to the committee quickly & efficiently.

3.How to build your SOP?
Ans: Go to the link "Build SOP"

4.How to build resume?
Ans: Go to the link "Build resume"

5.How many recommendation letters are necessary to be sent to the university?
Ans: Three

6.How many pages does a resume can contain?
Ans: Generally produced in 1 page, 2 page for the description of work experience.

7.From whom can we get recommendation letters?
People whom you must ask should

  • -have a good opinion about you and know you well
  • -be familiar with your field and the program to which you are applying
  • -have taught a large number of students over a number of years
  • -have good academic/research background

8.What if I get any other queries?
Ans: Go to the link contact and approach us with your doubts and get clarified.

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