Telecommunication is the assisted transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. Telecommunication Engineers are concerned with establishing communication by means of telephones, telegraphs, radar, radio, radio navigational aids, TV, and teleprinters etc. Telecommunication engineers deal with line and wireless communication, or radio communication.
A Telecommunication Engineer:

• Handles the testing, operation, initial software configuration and maintenance of telecommunications equipment
• Design, Install, manage, operate, and maintain the equipments and system that make the exchange of data possible

What’s hot in the field?

• Data Communications
• Wireless Systems
• Satellite networks

Typical Majors

• Communication Systems
• Data Communications
• Electrical Circuits and Systems
• Satellite networks
• Wireless Systems
• Network Planning and Designing

Graduate Aspirants from India

• Bachelors Percentage & projects comprise a major factor for Admit in Universities
• GRE Score
• Most of the Universities have separate departmental forms
o Assistantship Forms
o Departmental Application Form
• Students Typically Manage financial AID
• PhD students are also encouraged. Its advisable to do send emails (showing interest) to professors before applying for doctoral program