Agriculture & Bio-Engineering

Definition : A discipline concerned with solving the engineering problems of providing food and fiber for the people of the world. These problems include designing improved tools to work the soil and harvest the crops, as well as developing water supplies for agriculture and systems for irrigating and draining the land where necessary.

Agricultural engineers typically,
• Design agricultural machinery equipment & Agricultural structures
• Perform tasks as planning, supervising and managing of various agricultural practices
• Perform environmental impact assessments and interpret research results

What’s hot in the field?
• Precision Agriculture
• Agricultural Finance
• International Agriculture & Trade


• Agricultural Business
• Agricultural Economics
• Agronomy and crop science
• Animal science
• Farm and ranch management
• Food science
• Horticulture
• Soil science

Graduate Aspirants from India

• Bachelors Percentage & work internship is Major factor for Admit in Universities
• GRE Score
• Most of the Universities have separate departmental forms
o Assistantship Forms
o Departmental Application Form
• Students Typically Manage financial AID
• PhD students are also encouraged. Its advisable to do send emails (showing interest) to professors before applying for doctoral program.