How to Apply?   

Application Kit

Factors for the university selection
  •  Admission Requirements
  •  Courses Offered
  •  Tuition Fee
  •  Ranking
  •  Assistantship possibility
  •  Acceptance Rate
  •  Climate
  •  Seniors/Family/Indian students


Application Process
  •  Application Form
  •  Application Fee
  •  Supplemental forms
  •  Departmental forms
  •  Application Material
  •  Mailing Documents
  •  Tracking the application status
Filling the Application

Online Application:

Identify correct application ( International graduate application )
Create an account in order to apply
Few schools do not require an account creation
Start filling your application form providing the basic information
Basic contents are your personal profile, academic profile, financial background, your statement of purpose & Recommenders
Select the mode of payment either by international credit card or by dollar draft
Print supplementary forms like Affidavit of support, financial support form
Mail the documentation to the graduate admissions ( address provided on the website)

Paper Application:

Identify proper application form
Download all the forms from the university website (Including the graduate application and all the required supplemental forms)
Fill the forms legibly using a pen
Attach a dollar draft ( Dollar draft must be taken in the name of the university )
Mail the application along with all the supporting documents to the address provided in the university website