Application Kit


Cover Letter

A letter of introduction associated with other submission materials. It is a good practice to include this introduction with your resume and application materials.

Admissions Counselor

You can talk to your admissions counselor in the university admissions department throughout the application process about applying, visiting, credentials, etc.

Tuition fee (OUT-OF State)

IT is the tuition fee that is applicable for the international students
( i.e. non residents of US )


Grant funded/awarded by the professor or department to assist in
In research & teaching activities


A merit-based, university-funded award whereby a student receives a financial stipend on the basis of their academic profile.


A requirement that must be met before you can enroll in a particular course.


A Thesis is a requirement in most of the universities for the students offered with TA/RA

Rolling admission

The acceptance of a new student into any quarter of an academic year.


Grade point average –the sum total of the points awarded for letter grades earned divided by total number of courses attempted. Typically GPA can be calculated as your score divided by your toppers score, multiplied by a factor 4.

Deferred Admission

 The practice of allowing students to postpone enrollment, usually for up to
one year, after acceptance by the program.

Credit/Credit hour

The numerical value assigned to a certain amount of academic work in a course.
Maters students enroll for 9 credit hours/semester
1 course => 3 credit hours, 1 semester => 3 courses

Full time Student

One who is enrolled in an institution taking a full load of courses and hours is specified by the institution. All the international students need to enroll as full time students